Paulo Nunes is a front‐end web artisan bridging the gap between design and code

Passionate about all things design, interactive, minimalist, user‐friendly and uncomplicated technology—on and off screen.

I have been working professionally in the industry since 2007, back in the days of Flash® based websites and using a couple of lines of CSS just to position tiny images to create rounded corner elements on the internet.

I’ve helped build, integrate and sometimes design user‐interfaces for an array of online businesses and products, from e‐commerce, B2B and e‐learning platforms—to static micro-sites and product landing pages. I’m at my best using native web technologies, semantic HTML and harnassing the power of modern CSS.

Currently pushing code and design as front‐end dev & partner at Squarebit, a tiny web development company co‐founded with three other exceptional web artisans.