Paulo Nunes is a design‐minded front‐end web developer, crafting ideas for the internet since 2007. Co-founder & front-end designer at Squarebit, a tiny company creating unique web applications using Drupal and Laravel. Syndicatefx is his creative outlet and home for side-projects & experiments.


A small opinionated setup for HTML form element styles, almost completely configurable using just a list of CSS variables. Buttons not included.


An ultra-simple browser based text app allowing you to create, edit & delete multiple text notes, limited only by your browsers localStorage capacity.


A low-level starter kit of small, immutable, utility classes and minimal presets to rapidly wireframe web interfaces. Based on a modified version of Tachyons CSS.


Lets you quickly try out your fonts files in the browser and play around with some CSS properties. It all happens in your machine, there is no upload to servers involved.


The first attempt with a browser based text app using localStorage. It got featured on Product Hunt and other renowned websites, and still gets starred on Github today.