Hey, i’m Paulo Nunes

Syndicatefx is my secret online identity and this is my personal website. No, the fx part has nothing to do with forex trading. I’m just a creative web developer crafting things for the internet since 2007. A fan of simple products, clean design and uncomplicated technology, on and off screen.

Web designer, front‐end web developer, design engineer?

Well, i’m the guy who power uses HTML and CSS to make content look presentable, functional and readable on any screen. Embraces intrinsic web design principles to build more resilient websites. “The designer’s best friend” cliché, but also the user’s.

One of those extremely rare species who is not really into the JS framework ecosystem fad. Uses <button> for buttons (wow!) and honestly doesn’t want to take care of the business logic at his end.

But eventually

Still writes a sprinkle of presentational JavaScript to implement those obligatory marketing carousels & annoying user retention popups—because he still needs to pay the rent. Tries to keep it all organized, semantic and accessible. Knows how to break everything up in neat chunks of code in your prefered twisted templating engine, and deal with the occasional NPM tomfoolery.

HyperText Markup Styler, if i may.

Office hours

Currently juggling code & design at Squarebit, a tiny web development company co-founded with three other exceptional web artisans, working remotely from Lisbon‐Portugal.

Off the clock

Besides web design, i’m a typography enthusiast, weekend voxel doodler and essentially curious about all things design related. Personal projects and experiments sometimes make it on to the internet as something mildly interesting or even useful. You can find more Syndicatefx on Github and Codepen.

Hey look, a list

Direct links to a few featured code doodles and other experiments.