Paulo Nunes

Working professionally as a front-end developer with entrepeneurs, design teams and businesses, for over six years. Always available to talk shop, share and learn new stuff or take on challenging new projects.

Left to my own devices i personally prefer simple ideas, built with simple code, no frameworks, no complicated middleware. A minimalist at heart, typography enthusiast and sometimes designer.

Currently seeking a full‐time front-end developer position in the Lisbon area. For short questions and the quickest reply you can tweet or direct message @syndicatefx. For work related subjects or anything else feel free to use email.

Personal Projects
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Latest Work
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For the past 2 years i've been collaborating with RPGSI-Business Solutions, who specialize in proprietary software, IT infrastructures and products for the corporate sector.

They also provide a wide range of services including branding, web design & development. My role has been to convert provided wireframes, visual concepts and feature requirements into custom-tailored Wordpress solutions for their products, clients and business partners.

Selection of work done for RPGSI

More work and client projects available on request.

Syndicatefx is the creative persona of Paulo Nunes, a web designer/developer from Lisbon-Portugal